Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Update server date time at user side by JavaScript

Hello. u can update server time at user side with different ways. I have done this as following:
On refresh I get server date time as milliseconds:

var sweDateTimeInMillis = <%= TimeStampCustom.getCurrentDateTimeInMillis() %>;
and pass it to my javascript function as parameter. Function looks like as following:
var Dom = YAHOO.util.Dom;
var YUIDate = YAHOO.util.Date;

function showSWEDateTime(sweDateTimeInMillis)
 var sweDate = new Date(sweDateTimeInMillis); 

 Dom.get('ClockTime').innerHTML = YUIDate.format(sweDate, {format: "%d-%B-%G %A, %H:%M"}, "en-US");
 sweDateTimeInMillis += 1000;

Here setTimeout() - standard JS method which executes a code some time in the future. (for more information click here)

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